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Two of the most important points in our Mission Statement are to "Encourage, train, and support library Friends organizations" and to "Advocate for improved library funding and legislation of benefit to libraries."  We hope you'll find this section of our website useful.

We Need Your Stories - March 2015

Although Governor Wolf’s budget has disappointing news for libraries, there is always a possibility that money can be added during the negotiation process. The PaLA Legislative Committee met on Monday, March 9 to talk about strategies to reach both legislators and the governor. As citizens who care and support libraries, you can help.

We need stories of how your library has helped children or adults to learn, adults to get jobs and government to work. These three areas - Jobs that Pay, Schools that Teach and Government that Works - are the main ideas behind the Wolf budget.  Real world examples of library success stories have more influence on budgets than merely bullet points based solely on facts and figures.  Please share your experience with us.

Also, we are using the work of PA Forward. We are looking for examples of the five literacies- basic, information, civic & social, health and financial.

If you would rather tell your story than write it down in an e-mail, you may call me, Nan Cavenaugh, Vice- President of PCBL at 717-561-0634. I will be pleased to write it up and submit it for you. If you have your story in writing, you may e-mail it to me at NanJim65@verizon.net. You may also send it to Kathy Silks, Project Manager for PA Forward at kathy@palibraries.org.

Although stories are always helpful at any time, we ask you to respond by the end of March.

Nan Cavenaugh, Vice President and PCBL’s Advocacy Co-chair

PCBL Will Speak to Your Group

Both Education and Advocacy are important to PCBL.  A PCBL Board Member would like to come to visit your group to advise, encourage, support, train, or just plain listen to your needs!  Our Board Members will share experiences to help your Friends group, discuss ideas, or offer advice.

If you'd like a PCBL Board Member to speak with your group, download either the Word Document (MS Word Required) or PDF.  Either send it to the address on the form or email it to pcbl2002@yahoo.com.

Download  the Word Document (MS Word Required)

Download the  PDF version.  (Freely Available Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)

Library Funding Study

Download the Report about Local and State Sources of Funding for Public Libraries prepared by PRA, Inc for the Pennyslvania Library Association and PCBL.