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October 24, 2015

The Pennsylvania Citizens for Better Libraries will be presenting a Friends Institute, October 24, 2015, at the Grantville Holiday Inn.

This one-day program is designed especially for Friends of libraries throughout the State and will include presentations on a wide variety of topics useful to all Friends groups, regardless of size.

There will be ample opportunity for meeting, networking, and making new “Friends”.

Mark this date on your calendar and look forward to receiving more information as the workshop is developed.


Photos are now available from the PCBL Friends Institute held on Saturday, October 25 at this link.


President’s Message

December 2014

The PCBL Board met in Lancaster, Sunday, September 28, 2014. At that time, we said farewell to Board members whose terms are completed and hello to new members who are joining the Board.

The Awards Luncheon provided an opportunity to recognize the 2014 award winners and learn of their commitment to libraries.  In addition, this year we gave a tremendous thank you to Marcy Abrams, representing the Marple Newtown Public Library, for her many years of service and commitment to PCBL. We also said farewell to Elliot Shelkrot from Philadelphia who resigned from the Board due to health concerns. Since the meeting Jim Hollinger from Elizabethtown has reluctantly left the Board.

The afternoon session called “A well-Organized Friends Group; a Great ROI for Your Library” presented by PCBL Board members Marcy Abrams, Nan Cavenaugh and Tricia Richards was well attended and provided lots of useful information to participants.

October 25, 2014
 was the date for our Friends Institute which was held at the Holiday Inn Grantville.  The Board, with Al Kamper chairing the committee, worked tirelessly to plan a day of information, discussions and interaction for Friends of Libraries from across the state. The opportunity to network with new Friends proved to be useful to you and your local Friends group.  We also presented an award to a Friend of the Year during the opening session and built on the theme “Good Friends Make Better Libraries” throughout the day.

Networking with Friends

Networking with Friends


Your experiences as a Friend could be useful and add to board meeting discussions and activity planning. It is valuable to have all regions of the state, different size friends groups and a number of the 121 PCBL affiliates represented on the board. Would you be able to make a commitment and serve on the Board?  Have you considered taking a more active role in PCBL?  Do you have or could you make the time to attend four board meetings a year? If so, please contact the PCBL Nominating Committee Chair Denise Sticha at denise.sticha@berks.lib.pa.us .  You may also copy me at solarczyk@atlanticbb.net if you like.

Luncheon Networking

Luncheon Networking

Sue Solarczyk
                                           Posted 10/14/2014; images added 12/12/2014 HCS


Lois K. Albrecht, Distinguished Librarian and PCBL Board Member Emeritus.  Congratulations Lois!

A biography of Lois Albrecht's dedicated career to Library Development.

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Board Adopts Changes to Bylaws Regarding Emeritus Status

The PCBL Board has now adopted, among others, a Bylaw change to include Emeritus status as a new category of membership. The proposed Bylaws changes were approved at the June 7, 2013 Board meeting, were posted for review, and adopted at the Annual Meeting on October 20, 2013.

1.       Emeritus status is intended to be honorary with no required responsibilities.
2.       The person may attend Board meetings as a non-voting member.
3.       The status confers life- time membership and freedom from payment of annual dues.
4.       Nomination will be made in writing to the Nominating Committee who makes a recommendation to the Board.
5.       The Board votes to approve and notifies the recipient.
6.       A resolution adopted by the Board on June 7 explains the details of the process.

HCS posted 10/23/2013


PCBL is an organization of advocates that speaks for libraries throughout Pennsylvania. Membership is open to anyone who wants to see strong and well-funded libraries, and the best possible library service for all of Pennsylvania's citizens. That includes librarians, trustees of libraries, government officials and friends of libraries, as well as the lay citizen-user of libraries.

Members are kept up to date on legislative information and actions as they pertain to Pennsylvania libraries; have opportunities to attend library advocacy and library fundraising workshops; and receive information about events, programs, and issues of interest to library advocates.

For the latest news about the recently passed Library Code legislation, SB1225, click here(10/24/2012)


Did You Know...?

We can make it easy to achieve 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status.  If you've been through it before, you know completing a 990 Form is NOT a simple task.  It's hard.  It's time consuming. And it's a real struggle for small organizations.

But you don't need to bear that burden.  One of the greatest benefits offered by PCBL is an Affiliate Membership.  Your group can become a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit without the workload by joining under our umbrella.

PCBL Means...

Persuade public officials that libraries are essential community services
Collaborate with other library associations, agencies and community groups
Be a voice for improved library funding and appropriate legislation
Lead efforts to encourage, train and support library Friends